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Naked London had an anonymous art contest and exhibit last week - some lovely stuff came in from all over the agency.

[The above includes people from various creative or strategic or research backgrounds and one is from finance - can you guess which? There may, or may not, be a prize. Probably not. But maybe.]

Say it with me: Creative is not a department!

Kyle and Hass came up with the idea - here's what they said about it:

We wanted to see how well creativity would function when it has to speak for itself, stripped naked of everything but the expression – no title, no statement, no background.

So we briefed everyone who works at Naked London (the strategists, the creatives, the founding partners, even the cleaning lady) to create a piece of original art to be shown in an exclusive, one-night-only exhibition.

The twist was that every piece of art would be shown anonymously and without a title (this would all be revealed in a special online gallery the following week).

Phase two of the project has just gone live and the creators, titles, statements and inspirations have all been revealed.

You simply click on the work to discover the information.

See the work here: NAKED ANONYMOUS