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The IPA Excellence Diploma is inviting nominations for candidates for the 2009-10 programme, which starts in January.

They are hosting a couple of open evenings at the IPA in London for people who might be considering the course.

-         Wednesday, 6th August (5.30pm for a 6.00pm start)
-         Thursday, 25th September (5.30pm for a 6.00pm start)

More details are available here, but the gist is that the 15 month course is designed for people from any communications discipline who have 3-5 years under their belt and want to develop their knowledge of brands and communications, their strategic thinking, and their own opinions.

I did this course a while back - it resulted in my thesis, which has helped shaped my thinking ever since. 

I'm mentoring a candidate this year, my mate Louise, and that's given me even more to think about.

I recommend it highly, if you like thinking about what our industry does and should do, alongside a bunch of other nice people who are interested in the same thing, under the guidance of some of the leading thinkers and practioners in the business.

And writing essays.

Sadly I won't be at the open evenings, but I'm happy to discuss the course in the comments, if you have any questions.