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It cannot create your doppelganger


My mate Andy just sent me this, to warn me against attempting to make doppelgangers of my ninja self using a shredder.

Japanese "home electrical appliances" retailer Amadana have enlivened a dull webatalogue (and website) with some character and humour, appending these cautions to a number of their products, which is how they found their way here.

So this is a communication vehicle of some kind. And it seems have a viral coefficient sufficient to get posted and passed on.

But it describes the products in negative, highlighting silly things you can't do with each one. Nothing to do with the quality of the devices. Everything to do with being just silly enough to be worth sharing.

Bathetic tropes are very appealing since the dominant brand voice, for every big coporate brand, is po-faced, grammatically, and politically, correct seriousness.

There is something distinctly unappealing about anything that takes itself too seriously, person or brand.

They also sell their brand book on the site, which is either radical transparency or absurd hubris.