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Push the Brief

Push the brief My mate Ant and his mate Ash are doing something fun for the London ad community.

Details below - looks like fun - free booze and nice people - and the judges are all top notch minds.

[The rest of this is cross posted from Ant's blog - enjoy.]

It's FREE, there's FREE BOOZE, and we have some senior agency bods there who you can try and impress. If you're interested email go to our Facebook group, and start goading the other entrants. Even if you don't want to compete, you should come down anyway to chat to people.

Here is the gist:

Brief2008 is an semi-serious ad-industry social event where teams answer and present back a brief in 2 hours, probably under the influence of alcohol.

that's you guys - made up of planners, account men, creatives, PR types, designers, strategists and whoever else. Get involved.

are senior creatives and strategists from some of the best agencies in town. Confirmed so far:

Iain Tait (Founder, Planning/Creative Partner, Poke)
Amelia Torode (Head of VCCP Digital)
Ben Milligan (Head of Planning, Holler)
Richard Knight (Creative Partner/Founder, Mission21)
Rachel Lawlan (Director of Integrated Strategy, DLKW)

=====Where and when is it=====
At the Design Council, Bow Street.
Thursday July the 17th, 6:30 pm sharp.

=====What's in it for people?=====
Free booze!

Chance to show off in front of senior people from top agencies.

A chance to meet other interesting people from all different sides of the industry. Who knows? You might even get laid.

=====GET INVOVLED=====
Email , go to our Facebook group, and start goading the other entrants.

Some Slides for You

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

My mate Coop has been helping out the ANA - putting together some MARKETING RESOURCES for the good of the community, which is available right now for you to use.

You can see some of the insight slides above or on Slideshare.

I like the slides - they are an obvious successor to Lynette's digital bits, although the quotes are more classics that current hits.

I enjoy quotations. It's a fact, well known to those that know me well, that I think genius steals.

Quotes are a good example of stealing, which isn't imitation. To steal from Michel De Montaigne:

'I quote others only to better express myself.'

Well exactly, Michel - well put.

Anyway, the ANA stands for the Association of National Advertisers. I had never heard of them - but then I am still new to the USA.

Have you heard of them? Do you use them?

They seem a bit like ISBA in the UK, representing marketing clients. They are starting to develop and share some useful content - like these 101 introductions to new platforms like fBook - which is a nice way to say hello.

Transmedia Presentation

This is kind of an experiment in distributed presentations.

This deck forms one part of a transmedia presentation [which is, itself, in part, about transmedia planning] - the one I'm giving about now at the WARC Influence conference in London.

One part is the presentation I'm giving live now - it builds on the same foundations as this, but has a different ending, talking more explicitly about INFLUENCE. [I'll post about that later.]

Another part is an article that is in this week's issue of Campaign - it also comes out on Thursday, at about the same time this post will be published, while I'm presenting - which explains the idea and expands on it a bit, with reference to a more recent example.

And this deck is the backbone - it's the alternate ending to the live version.

[It mostly contains ideas that I wrote about in my thesis - so you can read the long hand version here.]

All the elements are different access points into the ideas, and they are all connected, they have different things in them, they let you come to the larger discussion in whatever you want.

I'm not sure if this will work, but I'm hoping it will, at least, be interesting.