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Bring on the Trumpets!

Question: who do we make ads for?

OK, technically the answer is clients, obviously, but, as Gossage was fond of saying, our first responsibility isn't to the product, it's to the audience.

Let's then look at a difference of opinion in relation to the ad above [which is clearly awesome - but then the nature of aesthetics is by definition subjective, so what do I know?].

Anonymous creative over on the always excellent Scamp:

check out some of the most dismal ads on God's clean Earth.

Then look at the comments on Youtube:

These adverts are my new favourite tv show. :D

What is that bear shouting "BRING ON THE TRUMPETS" for, i dont get it, it does make me laugh for some reason tho....its quite funny!

lol! this advert is mint!

Hehehehehe :-D no idea why, but just tickles me so. Damn I love it!!! :-D and the pinapples one is great too :-D BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!!!!!! :-D (makes me happy :-)

Every so often a TV ad pops up that makes you consciously want to buy that product over any other. TNCC have just made 4. Whoever came up with these needs a medal. :)

This is awesome. Don;t know why, don;t even care.
More please MORE

OMG i cant express how grateful i am that u posted this! i thought id dreamt it and all my friends thought i was crazy lol

officially the best advert ever made ever.

And so on.

In fact, since yesterday, when it was posted, over 50 people have commented and not one said anything negative.

Bring on the trumpets.

[UPDATE - I like this even more now - check the website - no more free sweets [which was a NICE idea] but still lovely.]