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Cactus Kid

Mother have been building a tall transmedia tale for Oasis: the forbidden love between Cactus Kid and his girl.

[He hates water, because he is a cactus, but he loves Oases, because he is a cactus. He also likes girls, but this is not related to his cactusity.]

The core narrative runs across a sequence of TV spots, and extends outwards in a sighting page on Flickr, an organisation of Mothers [wink wink] up in arms about it, a film trailer, a Myspace profile and a competition to find the kid on Google Maps.

To bring the saga to a close, they are letting you decide what happens to the runaway couple and their newborn spikey baby by voting on the website.

Lovely  - I especially like disclaimer bit at the bottom of the website:

You realise this is an Oasis ad, right?

Go and excercise your right to dictate the fate of the Cactus Kid - you can catch up on the story so far on the site.