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A long time ago I had to do some creative writing for the IPA Diploma thing.

I had pretty much forgotten about it, but a comment Nick left on the a previous post reminded me of it.

So I thought I'd post it.

It's about the future of the industry and that. I'm pretty bullish on things being awesome. In fact, one of the things I made up has already happened.

[This is way, way beyond the impact horizon. But it is fun.]


The best creative work in the world is being celebrated as the results from the first round of judging of the D&AD Global Awards are released on the Grid.

This year 895 entries from the 6,405,000 received from 75 nations will be included in The D&AD Annual Show 2046, being held predominantly in a bespoke virtual space, with Grid-linked dinner ceremonies at 12 key hubs.

Since the turn of the century the awards have gone from strength to strength as the categories for inclusion have been forced wider and wider by prevailing cultural currents.

The content explosion of 2010s, when the launch of the Apple iCreator series of workstations entirely democratised the means of content production, enabling anyone with an idea to easily produce professional quality expressions of it, triggered a creative arms race between consumers and advertisers.

Awash in an ocean of free non-commercial content, consumers continued to screen out interruptive advertising, threatening the media supply business model in the process.

Brand communicators began to explore new areas of content enhancement; ploughing trillions into technology and neuroscience R&D, they began to offer consumers value-added experiences they couldn’t get from the Mymedia producers.

This year’s nominees, vying for the rarely bestowed Iridium Pencil, demonstrate the array of creativity now employed to sell products. The most nominated work is the global phenomenon Love, the immersive brand experience crafted by dotinfinity for Coca-Cola.

This psycho-sexual role playing game uses non-invasive electrical stimulation to generate primary emotional and pleasure responses in the users, known as Lovers, who maintain that the sensations in the game are as potent as anything experienced in real relationships.

The first feature film designed and produced in entirety as advertising has also been nominated. The film, Nike’s Just Do It, features the ever youthful Metaman alongside avatar actors created by W&K for the movie.

This year’s surprise design hit is the Sony Connected Identity LCD skin print. Every wearer is Grid-linked and the liquid crystal tattoo responds to any changes in the network. Design collective Umbilical created the must have fashion item.

This year also sees the first entry from the agency Artificial Life. The 60 second brand film is a heart warming slice of life for Persil. Their entry hearkens back to an earlier, simpler age in both form and content, which is surprising since the agency is made up entirely of 9th generation artificial intelligences.