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Killing Kittens

Channel 4 in the UK [it's weird that I now feel I need to say "in the UK" when talking about things that are in the UK] have just launched a youtube / funnyordie for animation called

Appropriately, it takes it's design cues from rathergood and B3ta - kittens and that - and it's smooth. It encourages animators to contribute with the smell of cash rewards  and the chance to get yourself spotted.

I like the social media PR kit, which they call the 'goody-bag'. Although couching the blog viral mechanisms as gifts is a little cheeky, they did put some thought into it - the game above is cute blog widget that encourages you help kittens kill themselves.

[Hence, killing kittens. It was not a reference to the "network for the world's sexual elite" by the same name. Look it up, I'm not linking to them, they must be geeks since they are referencing a euphemism mired in intergeekery.]