Be Nice or Leave
Sprechen Zie Kaiser?

Not Members Only

Since the Google Project has been on my mind, I've started noticing the Amex Members Project, which is a GOOD THING in the same vein.

In its second year, I just noticed the montage TV spot above.

[Anything with Muppets attracts attention. See these excellent Muppet commercials for more proof. You couldn't borrow better interest.] 

It's a lovely film, nice self-aware filmic conceit with frame running past the screen, which makes sense since Amex celebrity spokesmen as so often involved in film, and the project is A GOOD THING.

Members [and anyone willing to give up their info] can suggest and vote for ideas that Amex will finance to make a positive impact on the world.

Let's turn this into the important advertising trend of 2009.

Forget mobile marketing, let's do GOOD THINGS.