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PSFK are putting on one of their delightful conferences for Asia, out of Singapore on the October 10th.

I've spoken at a couple of these, in London and NYC, and had a lovely time at both.

There are some top speakers, including the always opinionated Rob Campbell - I'd go to see him by himself - and Colin Nagy, whose history of techno was a highpoint of the recent InterestingNYC.

Sonal Dabral is up as well - I met him in Santa Fe: he was one of the TV judges at the Clios and is well worth listening to [He also dances a mean samba].

Of all the conferences, PSFK feels the most like a meet up. It too is using the internet to get off the internet.

I've met some lovely people at PSFKs, hung out with George and Charles and Ruby and Hugh and various others I had only known virutally before and been delighted by their reality and epic drinking ability. I've met entirely new people, many of whom could also drink well.

And hell it was fun.

People are awesome. People who are into the same things you are into are especially awesome.

So go hear some interesting people talk about things they care about and meet some nice people to go drinking with.

Tickets available here.