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A couple of weeks back I wrote this article TIGS manifesto thing for MIT's Convergence Culture Consortium Newsletter.

The piece was a prose extension of the presentation I gave at Interesting NYC, which is itself derived from an earlier prose version I wrote ages ago.

Faris' newsletter piece lays out the artistic legacy of "recombinant culture," that which has most recently manifested as the remix, the fanvid, and the mash-up. In doing so, he makes an implicit argument not only for remixing as legitimate, transformative, creative work that goes beyond mere copying (and, implicitly, beyond "piracy"), but is in fact integral to the new media landscape.

Ontological translation comes full circle, updated with reference to things like Ubiquity [which will change everything once it actually works].

You can read the whole thing here.

The closing note was written by media scholar Alice Marwick, who kindly gave me permission to repost her work, about the nature of cultural logic of celebrity.

It's awesome and hopefully she will post part 2 on her blog.

Alice will be speaking at FOE3 - yet another reason why you should be there.