Sprechen Zie Kaiser?
You Can't Fix This



Democreated is hoping to crowdsource a brand from scratch.

By filling out the questionnaire you help shape the nature and focus of the brand and receive partial ownership of it.

The site launched yesterday and after 100 days they are going to sell the democreated brand to any company willing sell a product that adheres to the principles and guidelines that have been voted for.

If the sale goes through they will share the proceeds with all the owners.

In some ways this is an idea that every single agency has had at some point and no one has ever done:

We build brands, what better way to demonstrate how good we are at that than creating a brand from scratch! One that doesn't even have a product attached to it!

[An agency in Spain is behind the idea]

The beauty of the Internet is that thought experiments like this can suddenly become real.

[Thanks to Magali]