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Myth of the Near Future

[Hello Readers of Strategy Magazine! If you found this post from the article - welcome!]

A while back I made this film to describe how I saw the world of brands, media, communication, technology and that in 2010.

[I didn't actually make it. I wrote a script and then said what I wanted in it and how I wanted it to look. Then a nice production company made it.]

It pulls together a lot of things that tend to pop up on TIGS, envisaging an always on, hyperconnected world, divided between the participatory and the passive, with brands seeking new ways to communicate, new roles and new kinds of relationships.

At the time, a year ago or so, 2010 seemed really far away - now it's almost next year.

Part of the conceit of the film is derived from my thesis, in the sense of that now worn-out phrase of Wlliam Gibson's: The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed.

Almost everything in the film is already happening among small pockets of [mostly] younger people - it just sounds like science fiction.

The future is now. Or at least very soon.

[Youtube version is here]