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The Cubed Futures of Entertainment


Futures of Entertainment is a conference hosted by MIT Comparative Media Studies and Convergence Culture Consortium.

[As it says in the picture above. Sorry.]

It's the brainchild of Henry Jenkins, who I've stolen so much genius from I should probably give him a co-author credit on TIGS.

Last year, Henry noticed I had been stealing his ideas, and invited me over to FOE2 to explain myself.

He was completely awesome and the conference was mind blowing. There was some legendary people speaking. I wrote up a summary of it here.

And you can download video podcasts of the talks and panels here - I was on a panel about the future of advertising.

I met someone wonderful friends there who continue to blow me away every time I see / speak / tweet  them.

I shall be going back this year. It's held at MIT, in Cambridge, MA on the 21st and 22nd of November.

You should come too.

It's one of the most eye opening conferences I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

See you there - first round is on me.

[You want to do that thing in the picture with your fingers now, don't you? It's ok, go on. No one is looking.]