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BeerSphere Goes Global

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[Apologies for the hastily constructed accretive and generally bad logo thing - if any design ninjas want to donate a new global beersphere logo, that would be cool.]

So the Christmas lights have just gone up on Broadway and there are now well over 1000 lovely people on the Plannersphere Ning and a couple more thousand on the FacebookPlannersphere - so it's time for BeerSphere to celebrate!

BeerSphere is a thing where people who are interested in this sort of thing hang out and meet nice people and drink heavily [optional].

It grew out of our love of coffee mornings and likeminds and beer.

We did it a few times in London and NYC and it was grand. And YOU are invited. It would be nice to see you. Invite other yous or blog about it if you want.

This time, we're going global.

The Date: Thursday November 13th 2008

[That's next Thursday]

The places - well....

New York [with me]: Obivia, 201 Lafayette Street from 6pm. [Happy hour runs until 8pm and there should be some free Ketel One splashing about too. Don't say I don't look after you.] MAP.

London [with Rachel and Co]: Will meet 6.30pm onwards at the Commercial Tavern, 142-144 Commercial Street, London E1 6NU. We've got the upstairs bar. See you there! Details.

Toronto [with Jason and Dino]: 6:30pm The Bedford Academy, 36 Prince Arthur Avenue. [Featuring interpretive dance by Dino, and late evening partial nudity by Jason.]

Sydney [with Julian]: Date: Thursday 13 November Time: 6:30pm Venue: The Cricketers Arms, 106 Fitzroy St, Surry Hills (map)

Melbourne [with David]:Red Hummingbird, 246 Russell Street, just up from the corner of Lonsdale from 6:30pm. We’ll meet on the rooftop as I’m banking on the weather being lovely (currently predicted to be 29 degrees!), if you haven’t been there before you will see a red birdcageover the entrance. Map.

Berlin: [with David]: Berlin Beersphere is from 7pm at Odessa Bar, 89 Torstrasse. Details.

Boston: [with Conner and Gareth]: Bukowski’s @ 50 Dalton St, Boston, Map.

Amsterdam [with Jeremy and Jonas]: from 6.30pm at Cafe de Huyschkaemer. Details

Shanghai - our host has been called away so this is no longer happening. Unless YOU want to host it...

Bucharest [with Elena]: Amsterdam Grand Café ( 6 Covaci St., district 3, Bucharest) starting 19h. Details.

May be more to come - will update you once I have details.

If there is no Beersphere where you are - why not host one? It's easy - pick a venue and then go there and have a drink. Let me know where it is and I'll add it in. Then nice people will hopefully come and you can hang out.

Meantime you might want to join the Facebook Beersphere group.

See you on Thursday, hopefully.

I'll be the one with the pint and the stupid hair, looking around sheepishly to see if anyone has turned up, pretending that I don't care anyway.