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Every since Frankie Said Relax, the power of T-shirts as tools of self expression has been well established.

Web businesses like Threadless and Ninjazoo use t-shirts as a substrate for user generated design.

But personalisation doesn't need to rest in the hands of those with design skills - it can be about places you love, or indeed what music you love.

I/denti/tee launched today in partnership with Mr and Mrs. Bono's Edun Live, offering a form of musically connected product.

The project is looking to establish what the greatest lyrics of all time beginning with "I" are - and are selling t-shirts with I lyrics on so you can wear your selection with pride.

In partnership with iTunes you also get ten free music downloads and the Edun Live supplies means the Tees are organic cotton grown and sewn in sub-saharan Africa - making this is GOOD THING.