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Mobile Futures: Technology Primer

Mobile Futures

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A while back, when I was still in the UK, I was working with a bunch of other dudes as the IPA Mobile Marketing Group - we were looking at mobile marketing, trying to put together some guidelines and a document that would help agencies get into mobiles and that.

The part I was asked to write was about Mobile Futures - a look at technologies of mobiles and some thoughts as to how they might be used in the future.

And a bit about advertising, when I could work out where to put it.

Sadly the document was never published - sometimes things just work out that way.

But I did write the mobile futures bit - stealing from various places.

So, in the ongoing spirit of retro future-gazing here on TIGS, I thought I'd let you have it.

It's a haphazard walk through trends, technologies and terminology that may be useful when navigating the year of mobile marketing, whenever it actually happens.

I've even updated it a little bit to look at app stores - because ultimately I think the role for brands will live somewhere in the realm of applications and utility, not simply putting ads on another screen.

You can get the Mobile Futures Technology Primer here.

For a more recent look at the mobile future just...around....the...corner see my Campaign piece and these two posts by Charlie.