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Swelling Ground


The lovely Dr Stephanie asked me to write a review of Groundswell for the International Journal of Advertising.

So I did.

You can download it here.

I start off with a kind of anthropological musing on our social nature and the dialectic between individuality and community and that, shout outs to Mark and Clay and Jeff, but eventually I get on to the book itself.

The gist of it was I really like the book - it's full of usefulness and inspiration and good frameworks and that - it's only let down in some sense by its very bookness:

However, to really understand social media, it’s not enough to read a book: you need to live it.

So do read the book, but get out there and start being social as well.

The blog for the book continues the conversations.

[Update: This is a very thorough guide to social media etiquette via @misentropy]