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Advertising as Distributed Content Sampling


My mate Vik put me on to this site 5Min that is tackling promotion in a similar way to Google's Content Network: by using the web as the distributed platform it is.

As I said then, Google was turning the network model on its head by aggregating lots of eyeballs from across the web into a single distribution platform for video - pumping content into the world, not driving traffic to the content.

Similarly, 5Min syndicate their content to lots of other sites via contextually relevant placements.

As a video how-to site it sits among a number of destination competitors that are pretty well established, and so it's taking the mountain to Mohammad, so to speak, by adding in useful video content into niche vertical sites.

The web is distributed, and all content should equally be distributed, embeddable, spreadble and so on.

This is, in fact, how I've been thinking about advertising in general recently. I think it started with a conversation with a lovely dude from Federated Media.

We were talking about doing awesome things online and I snorted derisively about banners and that, because I am a sophisticated digital type person and know about banner blindness and 0.0000001 click through rates and that everyone hates them and so on.

And Chas from Federated said, well, yes, banners and that are annoying - but I have no problem with content that happens to come in a 336 x 280 pixel LREC.

And I thought, that's interesting isn't it.

A lot of what I've been talking about recently has been about re-thinking how we use media.

Since brands can have direct relationships in digital places, it seemed to make sense to focus on making awesome things people want to spend time with because they are interesting and useful and that and then using paid for media to invite people to let people know about it.

In fact, I was thinking we shouldn't create advertising, we should create content, and export that content into the world via bought media so people could sample it without having to come straight to us, and if they liked it maybe they would come and play with us and we could earn their attention, instead of buying it repeatedly, from there on in.

Wouldn't that be nice?