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Four Feet From a Rat

Four feet from a rat

My lovely mate State just turned me on to the fact that Mother London have started making comics.

Distributed free via Time Out and available online as portable document format files, Four Feet From A Rat are short comic stories about the hidden parts of London, written by Mother.

You can see them online here thanks to a site from Poke.

4 issues are available on the website and they are looking for ideas or story submissions - open source comics yo - and will do a microprint run if 1000 people pledge to pay a fiver for them - crowd source funded on demand printing yo - and they have an embed code - distributed the web is a platform comics yo.

[Sorry about all the yos. While I was ill I watched the first season of The Wire. More on which later possibly.]

File under: Agencies making their own stuff. It's still branded content, but the brand is the agency.

Or something.