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Good Ideas Salon London


The Salon tradition has venerable lineage and goals.

The idea is to bring together stimulating people to mutually edify, entertain and enlighten each other.

See, back in the day, education and entertainment were though to go hand in hand, rather then the absurd diametric opposition they seem to find themselves in today, and it was the inclusive exchange from everyone that was considered most productive.

All very social that. No mediation involved.

Anyway, Piers is putting on a full day Good Idea Salon in London on January 30th - which positions him as a salonnière, traditionally a woman's role, but we I think we can all be pleased such gender distinctions are thankfully irrelevant now [although if Piers did don a regency era ballgown and powdered wig for the event that would be completely awesome].

Lots of the speakers are people I like and admire very much: Ruby Pseudo, Dan Hon, Jeremy Ettinghausen, Mark Earls, Amanda Gore, Matt Jones, Matt Hardisty, Colin Nagy, Simon Waldman, and so on.

Go and exchange some stuff with them.