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A nice chap called Gareth sent me this - running tomorrow in the UK - which I have posted because:

1. It's inauguration day and it felt like I needed something, now I live over here.
2. We should never forget the power of culturally relevant timely current events based communication
3. The whole having different power chargers thing for every single thing I own REALLY ANNOYS ME.

I'm with Martha Stewart on this - it's wasteful and frustrating and a function of how companies are structured not how I live.

Best thing Nokia ever did [ok apart from the NaviKey interface] was have the same lead for every phone.

At least until the N-Series. 

Remember how kettle leads would work on everything? That was great. I still use one as a UK adaptor for my Mac power cable.

So I'm glad Philips are trying to sort that out.

[Update: Dave sent me this equally timely opportunistic Veet ad about Bush.

Anyone seen any more?]

[Update: Looking forward rather than back, Pepsi are asking how the new President can 'refresh' the USA.]