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And we're back.

Since last we met it seems TIGS has popped its ugly head into Scamp's Global Top 25 Ad blogs list [at number 25], which is delightful, and has moved into the number 4 position on the Misentropy Global Planning blogs list, which is also delightful.

The lists are great ways to find some nice people saying useful stuff about advertising and that, so you should go and have a look if you like that sort of thing.

And then just today [ish] Neil has nominated the post I wrote about spreadable media as one of his posts of the month [which feels a bit cheeky since I stole the idea but, well, you know] - you can nominate others and vote and that on Only Dead Fish.

So that's quite a lot of blog love during a period of silent blogging.

So tomorrow I'll post something chunky to make up for it, and to pay my dues to Henry Jenkins, from whom I stole the spreadable media post.