Recombinant Branding

The Kind of Films the Internet Likes

Following on from yesterday's recombinant musings, which touched on the fact that when we make ads we rarely make the kind of films that the internet likes, we bring you the new Cadbury's spot, from Glass and a Half Full Productions [or Fallon London.]

They are getting good at making films the internet likes.

Part of the secret seems to be:

Leave out all that stuff about the product. As much as you can anyway.

Make people feel something nice, link that association to your brand. 

[Go read Feldwick again if you disagree.]

Give people things to copy, or respond to, or play with.

Don't take yourself or your brand too seriously.

Look out for the Sony zeotrope too.

Oh and have a lovely day!

[Update: Via a deal with photobox you can get a brow over picture of yourself on a mug if you want. For hot chocolate I guess.]