God Bless
Twestival Embraces Recombinant Culture

Twestival (and Reified Information)

Twestival may be a tweologism too far but it's a great idea and I'm proud to be a tiny part of it over here.

On Feb 12th in over 100 cities around the world, lots of people who have mostly met each other over twitter are throwing parties to raise money for charity: water.

In New York we have pulled out all the stops - as the city with one of the highest twitter populations in the world - I assume - we felt we needed to make it large.

[I'm also proud to say that McCann Erickson NY has come on board as headline sponsor in New York, which is really awesome.

If you think you might like to get involved as a sponsor in some way - there's some info here about why its a good idea and how to help.]

We put together this deck to explain what it's all about because, well, because some of us think in decks now, but also because there is something really useful about the way decks package up data.

They reify information - give it thingness, circumscribe its edges - which makes it easier to pass around and share with people and that, which is what makes slideshare awesome.

So - have a look - and come to NYCTwestival - there are only a handful more early bird tickets for $20 available - details on the website and our facebook event page.

You can also buy VIP tickets for extra awesomeness.

Unless you live somewhere else, in which case feel free to go to a closer iteration of Twestival.

One party, lots of places, lots of money for charity - officially a GOOD THING and it will be rocking.

And if you can't come, you can donate.

And if you can't donate, you could spread the word and maybe tell 20 people, or post something, or tweet something.

And if you can't tell anyone that's cool too, but you'll feel the warm fuzzies if you do. Promise.