Valentine's Day
An Object in Motion Remains in Motion



I did this roundtable thing for Boards Magazine with David Pescovitz from Boing Boing and Rishad Tobaccowala of Denuo, discussing some the interesting things we thought would be happening in 2009. [They were both awesome...but I was way excited to talk to David from Boing Boing - geeked out!]

I riffed off some of the things I've been thinking about recently: geotility, the socialisation of media, spreadable media; David had really interesting things to say about how he likes to work with brands and Rishad discussed the crumbing division between on and offline, among lots of other things.

You can read the rest here - this is a content sample:

With a recession at hand, spending for digital threatening to overtake TV, and new media and technology platforms changing consumer interactions with brands, Yakob's explanation of his role neatly sums up the task that the industry's thought-leaders are currently faced with:

 "I'm trying to work out what the role for an advertising agency is in a digital world and how to best help clients embrace emerging platforms in a way that makes sense for them."