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Retail Advertising Conference / Vegas [Baby]

Retail Ad Conf

For the rest of this week I'm going to be in Vegas [Baby] at the Retail Advertising Conference.

I'm speaking tomorrow about social media and that - I'll put the deck up once it's all over.

While I was writing the deck someone twittered in an exasperated gasp - "I don't think we need any more social media presentations!" - which made me feel like I was wasting my time.

But then I remembered that 'we' is a very specific term on twitter, for the moment.

And that most people - the vast majority of all people, including people who work in marketing, the larger we, still aren't on or probably aware of twitter. [Although it feels like that is changing fast].

And that people find technoglorious stuff mostly quite alien and other and scary.

And that it isn't really.

So maybe I wouldn't talk about social media at all really - at least not specifically.

Maybe I'd get rid of that term [which I fear may be unhelpful as long as the word media means "something I buy space in to put my ads" for marketers] and talk about how people and brands behave in spaces where they are equal and being nice and that.

Hopefully the audience will find that interesting or useful.

We shall see.

If you are going to be there come and say hi and we can be social and make media together.

[I'll start using the hashtag #racvegas for the event if people want to say hi that way.]