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Grown Up Digital

Grown up digital

My brother grew up digitally.

In fact, it was verily he that led me to start thinking about how generations are rolling over faster, driven by the rate of technology change, that I was talking about in the last post.

So it seems appropriate that he wrote a review of the new Don Tapscott book Grown Up Digital.

You should go read it. He points out an interesting paradox of technology engagement - those who most need to read such things are the least likely to do so.

I've pointed out before that the idea of being online, or spending time online, is starting to make less and less sense.

Data will increasingly leap from the screen into the world, augmenting reality in useful ways.

Ultimately, even when you aren't consciously focusing attention 'online' -

[I'm reducing the word to something we say in inverted commas, possibly while doing that finger quote thing to show our derision],

- you will have intelligent agents scouring the datasphere on your behalf - pieces of software that understand a certain area of interest and constantly monitor the interwebs and then react for you within certain parameters - like a cross between a robot and Google Alerts.

Anyway, my brother says it better:

"There is no real life; you're either online, or AFK"