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Idea Breeders: A Recombinant Hyperpoem

Idea breeders
[thanks to Casanova in California for the title/image]

If it doesn't spread, it's dead!

Henry said. Henry spread.

Viral is Dead! Long Live the Spread!

Stole I / I spread.

Behavior is copied and driven by herds.

Mark said. Mark spread.

Behavioral engineering creates copied actions and words.

Stole I / I spread.

We spread information to create minds like ours.

Dennet said. Dennet spread.

There is safety in numbers.

Stole I / I spread. 

We spread to pass on warnings and because of social proof.

You are what you link.

We are what we share.

Sometimes we do it just to show that we care.

The Natural Selection of Interesting

Would like to thank you for participating.

That remix you dreamt of

Is why we are waiting.

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