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Whilst I don't intend TIGS to become an ongoing catalog of mainstream media mentions of twitter, this article in the most mainstream of British media - The Sunday Express - is not only a reflection of how the UK media has become interested in tweet toot but also quotes me at the end so, well, you know...I hate to waste words and that.

Faris Yakob, chief technology strategist at advertising agency McCann Erickson in New York and all-round “Digital Ninja” says:

“I find Twitter fascinating because it allows new kinds of conversations in real time. It means you can ask a question and people will fire the answer back in seconds.”

He speculates that Twitter appears to be pushing up Dunbar’s Number, the theoretical limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain a group relationship.

“It definitely makes you feel more connected, even in this hyperconnected world,” says Yakob, who was involved in organising the New York gathering for Twestival, a worldwide festival in aid of charity: water, which provides clean drinking water
to developing countries.

“This kind of collective action seems much more possible when you have this continual partial presence of the people you interact with on Twitter,” he says.

Communication in the virtual world can lead to interaction in the physical one, too. So if you’re not on Twitter yet then it poses the inevitable question: what are you doing?