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APG Young Talent Award


Gareth and Anton [and quite possibly some other people] have hatched a new APG initiative for you young'uns.

The APG Young Talent Award is a nationwide [i.e. UK only] contest for 16-22 year old to create a brand from scratch that would appeal to your digitally native, donking, grimey contemporaries.

[Goodness me I just felt terribly old. As Ruby says DO NOT try to appropriate youth culture. I'll stick to jungle. The music you listened to as you - ahem - came of age, is what you will listen to for the rest of your life. Choose wisely.]

The judging panel will include venture capitalists who might actually try and bring some of the ideas to life.

[Question: Brand or Product? Does creating a brand require the creation of a product / service as well? The VC thing implies it does...]

Details and that can be found here - winning papers will be published in Campaign, so if you are coming up to graduation and want a job in advertising in these challenging times, it would be worth having a think.