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One Day Equals

My mates Jess and Joe [and someone named Scott that I don't know] have put a campaign together to support and promote a march on Albany being organized by the Empire State Pride Agenda for Equality and Justice Day.

It's not really a rally - people are going to meet their legislators and try and sort out this whole thing so everyone can marry whoever they want thing.

[Personally, I find it kind of staggering that in 2009, in the land of the free, where the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right, and when we have lots of real problems in the world, that people can't marry whoever they want to.

And worse that people think it's their business, who other people marry, and cause a fuss about it, and do things like write and pass Proposition 8, a sad blight on the moral conscience of the otherwise very nice California.

I  mean, really? Come on people, can we please grow up? Thank you.]

The campaign is called One Day Equals and there is a website, and a facebook page, and some nice stuff on flickr.

Join us on April 28th, Equality and Justice Day, and
march on Albany in support of the LGBT community.
One day equals us all one day becoming equals.

The models are all volunteers that responded to an open call and were chosen for their stories of solidarity - this is the family in the Berlin Wall ad.

Hello Scott, Joe, and Jess,

I read about your casting call for "One Day Equals”.

My wife Jen and I are a married lesbian couple and co-pastors of the Greenpoint Reformed Church. We have 8 month old son named John.  My parents, Norman and Mary Kansfield, live in Massachusetts and are strong supporters of same-sex marriage.

My father was fired from his job as President of New Brunswick Theological Seminary and suspended as a minister four years ago for officiating at our wedding in Massachusetts.

We would all be interested in participating in your project, as a family,

We know how important it is to put a face to this cause.

Thank you,
Ann (& Jennifer)

Social media seems like a good place for social causes. Feel free to spread the word.