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RFP or Digital Scavenger Hunt?

Lovely Rita Free To Careful Reader


A dude called Jamie from got in touch recently and said he would like you give one of you, the lovely and discerning readers of TIGS, an awesome piece of free furniture.

[This is what does - they sell sweet designery furniture and accessories and that - like this Knoll stuff.]

He seemed like a nice chap and I thought that seemed cool, so we're doing it. Now.

Here's the deal - I chose this bookshelf ribbon thing to give away because READING IS FOR AWESOME PEOPLE, and, you know, you are reading this right now.

In order to make this interesting / useful / fun for more than whoever wins, I thought I'd ask you guys to offer up a little something.

Don't worry it wont hurt, and I'll go first.

Since this is a bookshelf, I'd love for you to tell me, in the comments, what the best book in the world is.

This is obviously a horribly subjective question to answer, so don't think too hard about it.

I shall go first:

The best book in the world is....Stone Junction by Jim Dodge. It describes itself as an alchemical potboiler, and that works for me. If I could make everyone read one book, I'd make them read that.

You don't need a reason, and it can be any kind of book, but later I'll post the whole list of the best books in the world, and then everyone can read something that they otherwise wouldn't have known about.

It's like a TIGS version of the Amazon's recommendation engine, except someone also wins a free ribbon bookshelf. 


Terms and conditions are the is only one winner, decisions are final unless I change my mind, Allmodern will send the bookshelf directly to you, but this is only open to people living in the USA and Canada, because they can't ship stuff any further than right now.

But just because you can't win doesn't mean you can't contribute. In fact, if you do play and can't win, say so in the comments and I will personally send you something. Maybe a book.

Let's say the winner will be chosen and posted and that by Midnight my time next Monday, 29th June.

Best of luck!

I'm sad I can't win. I need a new bookshelf.