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Augmented Content

Emily sent me this Klickable Jay-Z video for the death of auto tune.

He's on top form and auto tune has suffered -  being [over] exposed via Wired expose.

I dig the idea of augmented content - adding in layers of data into texts, either via the old fashioned methods of allusion and additive compression, or though meta data.

But I have an ongoing battle about the use of the word 'TV'.

[ I realise that Klickable.TV aren't about this, but allow me to digress].

As an industry we tend to still conflate delivery platform with content: tv, radio, print.

As I pointed out in my Fastcompany piece - film is not the same thing as TV.

And the language we use is important because it frames how we think about stuff.

If we say TV, the set of associations in our head makes us think in 30 second fragments of forced exposure selling.

If we say film, well, those parameters are not enforced. In fact, the implication is that film is NOT forced exposure, and so the criteria with which we judge such are different, for we must earn the attention we previously bought.