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I wrote this article for the first issue of Mind Tonic ["a light-hearted creative industry lifestyle supplement intended to inspire"].

It's about the Mediation Generation that I spoke about in a previous post, which makes the point that this generation is the first to define itself by the media it creates, rather than the media it consumes and that there are going to be some weird effects of endlessly [re]creating ourselves.

You can read the whole thing here:

Download Mediation Generation - Faris - Mindtonic

The publishers are looking for contributors to the next issue from:

smart, interesting, fun, creative people from the world of advertising, creativity and beyond.

in the form of:

they can basically write about whatever they fancy - or they can submit artwork, jokes, poetry, photography... the list is endless!

So it's an open brief - go nuts and email whatever media you create [to [re]create yourself] to