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One of the things I was talking about at the AToMIC conference was the end of media scarcity.

This is an inevitable result of the technology drivers that are changing our world, the laws of Moore, Kryder and Gilder.

[I'm not going to go into detail - I'll post the deck when it's ready. It's not yet.]

When storage, processing and bandwidth are free, then, as a direct corollary, the amount of possible media channels becomes [virtually] infinite. 

It already is [virtually] infinite online - at least there's far more content and context than any person can really comprehend.

This presents a challenge, assuming the other networks like TV, Cable and Mobile finally accept IP as their protocol of choice - closed networks can manufacture scarcity.

[I'm thinking on a very long term horizon here - but keep in mind that the goal of 4G networks is to provide a comprehensive and secure IP based solution, alongside more bandwidth.]

Because anything divided by infinity is zero -

[OK actually it's not because infinity isn't a number, but you could say something like the limit of 1/n as n approaches infinity is zero, whatever that means.]

- no matter how much stuff you push out, it equals zero, unless people choose to spend time with it - certain pieces of content will always aggregate attention, regardless of where they are consumed.

So the idea of planning which channels to put things in seems kind of pointless. 

[I'm talking specifically about using 'channels' to distribute 'content' - not looking at all the operations of a company and working out which levers need moving, which is what I think constitutes true communications planning.]

You can only plan the kinds of content you intend to create, put it in as many places as is possble, and look for ways to help that content to spread, by perhaps bringing it to the attention of people who might find it interesting, and letting those people find it when they want it.

All of which leads me to these explorations of those arts.

Above, Gareth and Jason - two of my favourite industry minds and people

[although I've never met Gareth in real life, despite trying a million times, which makes me think that if I do the world may end or something.]

- suggest that maybe the media we should be planning for are time, space, depth and technology.

Below, David [who is also lovely and drew red glasses on me in his deck, which is awesome] has put together some lovely thoughts about intention planning and the future being the fusion of data + meaning to help people tell their own stories.

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As the emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus says:

As below, so above; and as above so below