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Projected Identities


In a flash of glorious digital juxtaposition, a coincidence that became meaningful, this morning I saw three films in different places, all promoting the Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ - the first compact camera in the world with a projector built in [which seems pretty awesome].

The one above comes from Japan, the ones below come from Europe and the 1980s, respectively.

Two have had about the same number of views on the tube. What I like about this, in totality, is that you will probably like one of them.

Or maybe not, but I certainly did.


And maybe that's the point - more different stuff, more chances people will like something, more hooks for the network. 

The awesome Cory Doctorow calls this ' thinking like a dandelion':

Take the dandelion: a single dandelion may produce 2,000 seeds per year, indiscriminately firing them off into the sky at the slightest breeze, without any care for where the seeds are heading and whether they'll get an hospitable reception when they touch down.

The dandelion just wants to be sure that every single opportunity for reproduction is exploited! 

Dandelions and artists have a lot in common in the age of the Internet.

This is, of course, the age of unlimited, zero-marginal-cost copying.

If you blow your works into the net like a dandelion clock on the breeze, the net itself will take care of the copying costs.

My bet is that Western cool kids will love the Japanese Helicopter Boys, but conservative Japanese grown ups will love the infomercial. But who knows!

Put them out there and see what happens.

Exciting isn't it?