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Tankard Tales

Lauren tankard

I met the legend that is Paul Coleman on the 20th July 2006 - we both went to a talk Russell gave at W&K, and I went for a beer with him after.

I know the specifics of this meeting because he blogged about it [don't you love the internet?].

Paul now works at W&K - perhaps the seeds were sown that very day, who knows - and his wonderful blog is about, well, mostly about his understated but mind blowing observations on life [not about planning or ads and that] - which is why he is a founding and lifetime member of the plannersphere.

Paul sent his ceramic tankard around the world, using that self same blogging planning nice peopleing community.

I received it from Age, who got it from Lauren, and it traveled all the way from Australia to New York.

I had it for a while.

Better Tankard Mistakes

Then I took it to Toronto, where we gave a speech together.

Conference tankard

Then I took it to dinner, where Dino had if for a bit.

Dino tankard

And finally I handed it over to Jason.

The handover tankard

Who took to it well...

Eye see you

- and then passed it on to Gareth in SF...where the story continues...