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PLOT: Data is Beautiful


My mate Lisa just spent her maternity leave [CONGRATS!] conceiving an idea, spawned by many hours staring at ugly data.

boring meetings = interesting ideas

Lisa Prince, a strategist at Wieden+Kennedy, sat in many meetings staring at data. Sometimes her mind would wander. She started to notice that by squinting a little the data began to transform into something quite beautiful.

When strategist Lisa met art director, Nicholla, x met y and they had the idea to transform data into beautiful pieces of wearable art.

So Lisa asked her lovely husband - APRINCE - to design the site, and jewelry designer Hannah Havana [is that your real name? I have just realised that names that rhyme are awesome] to make the jewelry come true.

PLOT is the result - a data viz jewelry company, created in association with W&K London, that believes:

Data is Beautiful!

If you have seen the piece about data viz Noah and I wrote a while back for Contagious - Ways of Seeing - you'll know we agree.

Those of you interested in data and how it effects marketing and that would also do well having a read of Matt's President's Prize winning IPA Excellence Diploma Thesis:

Data is Our Future: Welcome to the Age of Infomagination. DOWNLOAD MY PAPER HERE.