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Running Up / London Massive

Blogging up

Despite what my friend [and fellow contender] Iain referred to as my 'shameless whoring' ,

[or what I considered 'very conservative campaigning', which is perhaps a reflection of how living in America can alter your perceptions of promotion],

I didn't win the British Interactive Media Award for Best Blog.

*Sad Face*

But I did come second and therefore Ran Up, which is completely awesome - thank you all so much.

*Big Grin*

So, to celebrate appropriately [i.e. in Britain], I'm going to be supping generic lagers in the Fitzroy Tavern on Charlotte Street, near Goodge Street Station [in London - map here] this Thursday [Nov 26th] from about 7pm

[possibly a bit earlier since I'm on 'vacation' - Happy Thanksgiving!]

[it's a Samuel Smith pub and therefore doesn't carry brand name beer].

I'm not sure it's quite a Beersphere [I'm planning a big Xmas one in Dec - more to come on that later], perhaps more of a Beer Hemisphere.


So, if you're about and fancy a pint, first round is on me.