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I usually avoid talking about anything I've been involved in my 'professional' life here on TIGS - it feels weird.

But this thing we're doing is about to hit phase 2 where there's social voting and that I thought I'd mention it in case you haven't seen it. [Disclosure - I was involved in this]


I shall refrain from any exegetical exposition - I shall simply say that Nikon is currently running a film festival called the Nikon Festival, which is designed to harness the newly social nature of short film, and appeal to a participatory culture of budding film makers.

It is a chance for the brand to celebrate the creativity of the audience and is a form of content generation engine - an idea that creates lots of content for the brand - something that I think is crucial in a post scarcity media environment.

The brief was to capture what a day was like through your lens in 140 seconds or less - the 140 obviously echoing the character limit on twitter, because brevity is the soul of twit.


Ashton made us a film of a day in his life and launched the contest with a tweet to his nearly 4 million followers, which was cool.

Anyway, it's been going brilliantly, thanks for asking, we got over 1000 entries and as of tomorrow, you can begin to vote on the finalists [one prize is being awarded by judges, one by audience vote].

So, since it's Christmas and I shan't be be doing any regular posting, I shall instead silently proffer up one of the films for your festive delectation.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas! Or Holidays, or whatever you prefer.