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Provocations for 2010

Some Next Big Things

I wrote this thing for the current issue of Strategy Magazine in Canada.

I've written about the problems of prospection before, so I won't labour the caveat except to say that perhaps it's better to think of these as provocations rather than predictions.

  1. Gestures
  2. Banners
  3. The Socialisation of Media
  4. Content
  5. Hyperconnectivity and Transmedia

Something old, some new, mostly borrowed, hardly blue.

You can read the whole thing online or in handy portable document format:

Download 2010 Some Next Big Things - Strategy Mag

[There's a line in section 4 that got a bit distorted in the edit - should read:

So the onus in these spaces that advertisers are paying for has been to communicate what they want to say in a way that is appealing to the audience, but not necessarily to communicate something the audience wants to hear.]

I finish the piece with a transmedia link to this video I posted a while back with some other prognostications about the present.  


What do you think?