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Xmas BeerSphere Is Today

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A quick reminder that Xmas BeerSphere NYC is tonight!

I have a bit of a cold so please be gentle with me.

As per the previous post: 7pm, SuperDive [see above] and the first keg is on me as a thank you to you all.

SuperDive says:

Please note that that the maximum number of people in your party will be limited to the number that was confirmed with your reservation. 

All parties must arrive no later than 30 minutes after their reserved time.  Entry will otherwise be subject to availability.

Which means that I can guarantee 30 of you entry as long as you get there by 7.30pm at the latest - after that it depends on how busy SuperDive is.

Sorry about that - I didn't realize they were SuperStrict when I made the booking - so if you are planning to come I recommend coming before 7.30pm.