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Xmas BeerSphere NYC

Superdive beersphere

Christmas approaches and the end of the decade comes into view, leaving many people thinking about what they did and what they will do.

So to interrupt this introspection, BeerSphere NYC is back for a SUPER SPECIAL XMAS EDITION.

This year has felt transitional - but then every year does - and, as it draws to a close, now seems a good time to gently remind people that there are lots of nice, smart people in and around our industry that like a drink.

There are lots of very keen super smart young people who understand that the internet isn't a channel its a whole new set of rules, some fresh out of VCU and Miami, looking for the cracks in the hiring freezes to get their first pop at re-inventing the second oldest profession.

There are some really awesome grown ups who are fun and wise and kind and willing to help with a chat, and sometimes know about jobs and that. 

Hopefully a few of both will come next week and then they can hang out and have a nice time. 

[But don't do anything lame like turn up with resumes - that would be really uncool.]

This SUPER SPECIAL XMAS BEERSPHERE is sponsored by TIGS - Merry Christmas and thank you for your time and attention and comments and votes and everything. 

[I'm buying a keg so you can all come and drink strong continental lager, until it runs out.]

[If you want to do keg stands [whatever they are] that's your prerogative.]


WHAT: Super Special Xmas BEERSPHERE

WHEN:  THURSDAY DECEMBER 17th 7pm onwards

WHERE: Superdive - 200 Avenue A between 12th and 13th 

WHY: Because it's fun 

See you there, if you come.