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Culture Boot Camp

Culture Boot Camp

Grant is creating transmedia extensions of his lovely book Chief Culture Officer, as of course he should.

On Feburary 13th he is hosting a Boot Camp for aspiring CCOs.

I've seen Grant present many times and he's great - plus this time you get a whole day of Harvard approved business tools and that. [Don't forget Grant teaches at Harvard Business School].

You should go. I don't think I can make it but I shall be planting spies in the audience.

Here's how to tell you if it's for you:

Are you ready to make your way to the C-Suite? Are you already in a senior position but would like to sharpen your cultural acumen? Are you already your company's unofficial CCO?  As a marketer, planner, media specialist or manager you are uniquely positioned to bring change to the corporation as their Chief Culture Officer

So if that sounds like you - you can buy tickets here