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A year or so ago I went down the rabbit hole and an excellent time I had too - you can read about that here.

The mistressmind behind the hole is the lovely Samina Virani - culture journalist and women about towns. 

[I found out later that I went to 'high'school with her brother. Small world, right?] 

She says:

As the repertoire of global icons across all infrastructures and systems – politics, religion, finance, to name of a few – has gone rather topsy turvy, an enormous space is emerging where every discourse is called to attention. Things are not what they seemed, or rather, perhaps they were never what they were. 

Traditional signifiers that connote value, identity and to which we attribute meaning have gone rather topsy turvy.  Forget crumply bank notes, oil reserves, and platinum credit cards; now value is attributed to saving the planet from peril. 

The rabbit hole dives into the topsy turvy nature of this marvelous current predicament - value shifting and open questioning - inviting imagination and creative consciousness to playfully embrace the unique dialogue that is emerging, and to propel  a new and spirited freedom of interpretation." 

Which is hard to argue with. 

Her newest curated experience costume liminal bacchanalian mystery tour excursion type thing is next weekend and you may still be able to sign up:

To sign up to smoke’s limited capacity costume event, go to  and pending approval from their madhatter, you will be sent a confirmation email with all event details.


a clandestine hatch in the Chelsea art museum

Saturday Jan 30th; 9pm-2am.

sign up at:

An event wrapped in an ARG wrapped in a mystery, with a chance to dress up? 

See you there, with mad hatters on.