Blind Leading the Blind
The Actual Crowdsourcery Bit



As you may already know, it is now officially SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK - so there are lots of interesting events to check out and parties to go to in various different cities.

I sit on the advisory board of SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK in NYC but I've been a bit useless at helping out this time around.

However, I have promised to be on a panel tomorrow morning - and it STARTS at 9am.

[Although I didn't realize that when I agreed to it.]

Regardless, I shall be there bright, early and caffeinated to discuss Crowdsourcing with some truly brilliant people who all know more about this stuff than I do.

The very awesome and lovely John Winsor [CEO of Victors&Spoils] is moderating:

Ty Montague, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer, JWT North America

Michael Lebowitz, Founder and CEO, Big Spaceship

Saneel Radia, SVP, Alchemist at Denuo

[and me]

I shall attempt not to embarrass myself more than necessary.

If you are there, do come say hi.