If you happen to be walking to work tomorrow [weds 25th March] morning in NYC, then keep your eyes open! 

I've just received word [exciting time sensitive brand activity newsflash alert right here on TIGS!] that tomorrow morning Havianas, the much loved Brazilian flip-flop brand 

[In Australia, flip-flops are called thongs, which can be confusing. In New Zealand, they are called jandals, which is less confusing, but is still a bit odd] 

is hitting up NYC.

To celebrate spring, they are leaving FlipFlopFlowerPots all over the city - they should appear sometime between 7am and 8am - and you can steal 'em. 

[Not in the sense of Genius Steals, more in the sense of picking them up and keeping them.]

They're also running a twitpiccomp:

The person with the most retweets of their TwitPic will win a pair of Havaianas.  So – If you see a flower pot of flip flops tomorrow AM on your way to work, snap a picture and tag @Havaianas [And of course follow on Twitter as well –http://twitter.com/havaianas]

Below are a few of the places to keep an eye open in and around - good luck! 

Wall Street - The Bull
14th Street and 8th Ave Subway Stops 
Houston/2nd Ave Park/F Train
Tompkin's Sq Park 
Astor Place 
Washington Sq Park 

Madison Sq Park 

Bryant Park 
Conde Nast Building

Times Square (either on tables on the boardwalk or the bleacher steps by TKTS booth)  

Anything that makes us look at something we've habituated to - like our walk to work - is groovy. 

As I've said before - the world is way more interesting if you can manage to keep paying attention but it's really hard- habituation is our greatest power and weakness. 

Which is why I find having a camera helps me see, and blogging helps me think.