Twestival NYC 2010: Spread'N'Win

Idea Multipliers

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My mate Eva just sent me this lovely deck about spreadable media she has slideshared - saying: I've stolen a bunch of stuff from you so let me know if you are cool for this to stay up and be shared.


Now, obviously it would be a little churlish of me, with a blog called TIGS, to cry foul of someone remixing ideas that I clearly stole and remixed in the first place - but I love the fact that she asked, primarily because it let's me know someone is interested in some of the stuff I've been talking about, and is finding uses for it. 

And now I can steal it back, use it, and [hopefully] build on it. 

And herein lies the awesomeness for today. The thinking has developed, been co-mingled with others, added to - it's multiplied

In fact, seeds of thought I harvested from elsewhere and attempted to sow have grown, evolved, and become even more useful [to me]. 

It's only by throwing out loads of different seeds, establishing several fields of interest, that the stuff I'm going to be interested in can get spliced into other lineages, AND then find its way back to me on the breeze. 

[Excuse that tortured metaphor - no analogies were harmed however]

Ideas only seem to multiply [rather then just grow] when they get mixed with others, inside other people's heads. 

And then I remembered that Grant wrote a post in 2005 about re-naming 'consumers' as 'multipliers', a thought which is the heart of the flipped funnel marketing discourse:

the term multipler may help marketers acknowledge more forthrightly that whether our work is a success is in fact out of our control. 

All we can do is to invite the multiplier to participate in the construction of the brand by putting it to work for their own purposes in their own world. 

When we called them "consumers" we could think of our creations as an end game and their responses as an end state. 

The term "multiplier" or something like it makes it clear that we depend on them to complete the work

and that this thinking is part of the spreadable media framework that Jenkins developed, that I stole and posted about, that Gareth stole and used as a lens to analyze MB's 'viral' report, that Eva stole and turned into a deck, that I then posted about...