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Goodness me doesn't time fly?

 It seems like only yesterday I was asking Doug and Sasha what hipsters were at the PSFK NYC conference - but it was almost 2 years ago!  

Which means that it's that time of year again - coinciding with buds of hope and enthusiasm that push their way into the world during what Elliot called the 'cruelest month' - PSFK NYC is back on April 9th. 

This time it's a gathering for our future, featuring some awesome thinkdoers including: 

Rob Walker [if you haven't read Buying In, you should, it's great] 

Grant McCracken [ditto on Chief Culture Officer] 

Nick Felton [early prophet of personal data viz: creator of the FELTRON report, which you should also check out] 

Shantell Martin: awesome vj and installation artist, spent years in Japan, from London

And various other people who create, comment upon and commercialise the culture we all feast upon. 

Tickets available after the jump